List of common English sidesaddle repairs and estimated costs:

These are general estimates of prices for sidesaddle repairs.  A sidesaddle may have unseen damage inside that can only be seen after it is taken apart, so each individual sidesaddle must be inspected to give an estimated price.  The client will be notified if an estimate changes due to additional damage discovered during inspection or after commencement of work.

Saddle cleaning and inspection: $125.

Full billet replacement:  Includes three main billets on each side, two balance billets (one on each side), and the over girth billet.  Detach the panels, replace all billets and re-sew panels to the sidesaddle. Original linen web may need to be replaced depending on the age and condition of the saddle: $250.

Reline panels with new linen:  $275 to $350.

Full re-flock: Remove and replace flock with new wool:  $450.

Recover horns:  $200 per horn

Replace seat:  $400. With suede insert $500.

Full rebuild of an English sidesaddle from the tree out - $3,500 to $4,000.



Balance girth:  $99.00 any length.  Specify for C&W or buckles on both ends.

Tri-fold leather girth:  $125.00 any length.

Fitzwilliam Girth:  $150 


Stirrup leathers for English sidesaddles.

Without fitting:  $125.00

Fittings vary in price by the model of sidesaddle.

  • C&W $24.50
  • M&M $24.50
  • Mayhew $49.50
  • Owen $49.50


Stirrup irons

Breakaway stirrups:    Call for availability

Round eye stainless sidesaddle iron:  $99.00




These are general estimates.  Please call to discuss your specific situation.