List of common Western saddle repairs and estimated costs:

These are general estimates of prices for Western saddle repairs.  A saddle may have unseen damage inside that can only be seen after it is taken apart, so each individual saddle must be inspected to give an estimated price.  The client will be notified if estimate changes due to additional damage discovered during inspection or after commencement of work.

Western repairs

Reline skirts with woolskin fleece & new strings. Fleece price varies with the market - $300.00

Acrylic fleece lining of skirts - $255.00

New stirrup leathers with new Blevins adjusters - $185.00

New fenders (tooled to match extra) - $165.00

Re-sew horn - $ 36.50

New latigo - $ 26.00

Off billet - $ 21.50

Replace rigging leather (saddle must be taken apart) - $250.00+


All other repairs must be seen to evaluate and estimate. 

These are general estimates.  Please call to discuss your specific situation.